ALC DIGITAL is a professional translation company based in Douala, Cameroon. As a well established and leading translation agency throughout Africa, we provide both reliable and high quality translation services at the best competitive prices. Delivering rapid, professional results at affordable prices to our loyal clients is at the heart of our company ethos.

As part of our long term objectives, we aim to build and foster excellent working relationships with our clients by providing highly efficient translation. On the contrary of many other linguistic services, the key to our success is in the understanding that translation is more than just word transformation but a culture in itself.

That is why at ALC DIGITAL, we can guarantee our clients a unique, tailored approach to translation and in connecting to your target audience.

In relation to the many other translation services you can find online, we pride ourselves on our needs led approach, specializing in French, English, Arabic, Chinese, German.

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Our strong points

ALC Digital by the results on our achievements we agree on the respect of certain points which make our particularity on the market.


Respect of deadlines

Value for money

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+237 672 594 923 / +237 698 739 645

+237 672 594 923 / 698 739 645

Have any questions?
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At ALC DIGITAL, we have an array of accurate tranlators who together make up a first class translation. They are the backbone to our agency and play a central role in maintaining our successful partnerships. Always willing to support and best advise our clients, they have a native understanding necessary for the job.

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Our strength is our location !

Situated in central Africa, Cameroon is the only country alongside Canada recognized as billingual. Native in both French and English, our geographical position aids us in not only providing our clients with proficient native speakers but also in cheaper labour. Furthermore, Cameroon consists of around 250 ethnic groups, attracting a wealth of culture, tourism and foreign investment. As a result, we are fluent in many other languages such as Arabic, Chinese and German.

What you see is what you get !

At ALC digital, we firmly believe in honesty, integrity and above all – transparency. Rest assured, our clients do not and will not experience any hidden costs or unforeseen charges unlike many of our competitiors out there. Instead, we provide our clients with fair quotations calculated by the number of words, the notion of work and the chosen language desired.

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